How SpanLula Works

Technology Skills Training

As a young person, you will get matched to the relevant technology skills training course according to your interests & strengths.

Accreditation & Certification

You will graduate with a globally recognized Accreditation or Certification in the specialized technology skilled you've learned.

Employment Opportunities

Lastly, you will be matched to an entry-level job opportunity in the technology industry that is relevant to your certification & skills.

Our Courses

We have a variety of industry-leading technology skills training courses that are highly in demand.

About SpanLula

SpanLula is an initiative of KoenaConcepts, a Pan-African technology company developing innovative technology solutions to socio-economic challenges.

SpanLula is "Bridging the Digital Skills Gap in Africa" by enabling young people in the rural areas & townships to conveniently access technology skills training & job opportunities. The initiative is also aimed at assisting Recruiters in Public and Private Organizations with efficiently recruiting for the hard-to-fill vacancies that require ICT-skilled candidates.

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